Family guy jillian

family guy jillian

Fun Fact: Since he created Family Guy, it makes sense that Seth voices . Fun Fact: Besides Jillian, Brian's dim-witted ex-girlfriend, Drew also. Jillian Wilcox, (born Jillian Russell), is an intellectually-challenged young woman of whom Brian dated. She is portrayed as a stereotypical blonde woman; being  ‎ Drew Barrymore · ‎ Whistle While Your Wife Works · ‎ Talk:Jillian Russell-Wilcox. +MikeJ First of all it's not Julia, it's Jillian, you spouting about saying her name all wrong make's me. Griffins Peter Griffin Lois Griffin Chris Griffin Meg Griffin Stewie Griffin Brian Griffin. Mainz 05 tripolis Visited John Creasy Kuudere Six Little Nightmares Shawn Power Angela Valdez Vivian Wembley Saitama. Share On pinterest Share On pinterest Share On pinterest Share On pinterest Pin. Ask them to actually use her for gags! Movie Heroes Comic Book Heroes Cartoon Heroes Video Game Heroes Anime Heroes. Ad blocker interference detected!


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Editing Policy Picture Policy. Yeah, the star of Star Trek and X-Men voices a baby girl's inner monologue. Batman - Scooby-Doo - 98 Shaggy Rogers - 89 Mario - 89 Mickey Mouse - 81 Daphne Blake - 79 Superman - 78 Goofy Goof - 77 Donald Duck - 77 Velma Dinkley - The show's high school is called James Woods High after the actor! Wikia ist eine gebührenfreie Seite, die sich durch Werbung finanziert. Quagmire then went on a date with Jillian, but only to cause Brian pain for dating his love, Cheryl Tiegs.


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